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Welcome to Ripple, the UK’s go-to online shop for top-quality kitchen taps. We’ve worked hard to ensure our range of taps caters to every style of home, from traditional to modern and everything in between.

Monobloc taps, also known as mixer taps, are always a customer favourite. With one spout and one or two control levers, you get precise temperature control and a steady flow of hot and cold water.

Our kitchen taps come in a variety of finishes to suit every taste, no matter how fussy you are. From the luxurious look of polished gold or nickel to the rustic charm of antique bronze and matt copper, we have a style for every home. And for those who like a more classic look, we also stock taps in stainless steel and chrome.

And just like our Pinterest boards, kitchens come in all shapes and sizes – which is why we offer taps in varying widths. Whether you have a small kitchen sink or a large double basin, you’ll find a tap to fit in our massive range of monobloc taps.

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A monobloc tap is a tap that only requires one hole for installation. It has one or two levers or handles to control hot and cold water. The minimalistic look of a monobloc tap makes it a popular choice for contemporary homes.

Monobloc and mixer taps both mix hot and cold water to your desired temperature in one unit. The main difference is in the design. Monobloc taps have a single spout with one or two levers to control water flow and temperature and only one hole to install. Mixer taps have separate controls for hot and cold water and may need two holes to install.

You can replace a tap yourself if you’re confident in DIY but we recommend hiring a professional plumber to ensure a secure and correct installation. Especially if you’re changing from a traditional tap to a monobloc or mixer tap as this may require adjusting the existing holes in your sink or worktop.

Yes, with the right tools and knowledge you can replace taps yourself. But incorrect installation can lead to leaks and water damage. If you’re unsure it’s always best to hire a professional to get the job done correctly and safely.

The answer depends on the needs of your home and the style you like the look of. Monobloc taps with their minimalist design are great for modern kitchens. Mixer taps have separate hot and cold controls perfect for families. For a traditional look, pillar taps with separate spouts for hot and cold water, are a good option. Need help choosing the right tap for your kitchen? Get in touch with our team, we’d be happy to help with no obligation advice.

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