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Ready for a kitchen upgrade? A pull-out tap is the ideal solution. With a huge selection of styles, finishes and shapes available, this range is designed with the modern and particular homeowner in mind.

With a pull-out tap, the spray head can be extended to reach every corner of your sink, making tasks like filling pots and pans or rinsing fruit and veggies a breeze. Wherever you need to direct the water flow at your sink, the pull-out spout will do the job every time.

But our pull-out kitchen taps are not just about functionality; they also reinvent the way your sink looks. Whether you’re drawn to the classic appeal of brass, gold, or copper, or the timeless look of chrome, our taps are guaranteed to fit the bill, with a wide range of looks and styles available to suit every aesthetic.

If you’re in a rush, we offer next-day delivery on a wide selection of our pull-out kitchen taps, so you can get upgrading as quickly as possible. Browse through the full range today and unlock the unbeatable convenience of pull-out taps.

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A pull-out kitchen tap is a type of tap that features a spray head that can be extended or pulled out from the main body of the tap. This feature makes it easier to perform tasks at the kitchen sink. The pull-out spray head provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to direct water exactly where you need it in your kitchen.

Pull-out kitchen taps offer numerous advantages. They’re extremely versatile and convenient, making tasks like washing larger items or filling pots directly on the kitchen counter much easier. With their pull-out spray, they also provide better reach and flexibility than traditional kitchen taps. However, pull-out taps might require more maintenance over time as the pull mechanism can wear out after several years.

Pull-out kitchen taps have a weight attached to the spray hose underneath the sink. When you pull the spray head out, this weight helps the hose and spray head to retract back into the tap’s spout when released.

The size of the tap you need depends on the size of your kitchen sink and the tap hole. It’s important to measure these accurately before buying. If you’re replacing an existing tap with a new one, you can use the measurements of your old tap as a guide. Our team is on hand to help should you have any queries about buying the right size – get in touch today if you’re unsure.

Fitting a pull-out kitchen tap is straightforward for a plumber or yourself, if you’re comfortable with DIY tasks. The process involves removing the old tap, positioning the new tap, and connecting it to the water supply – instructions are provided with the taps we send out. However, if you’re not confident doing it yourself, it’s always best to hire a professional so that you don’t run into issues down the line.

While it’s possible to fit a new tap yourself, if you’re not comfortable with DIY or if the installation seems complex, we recommend that you hire a professional plumber. This ensures that your tap is installed correctly and efficiently and that your warranty remains valid.

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