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Welcome to Ripple, the home of high-quality kitchen taps.

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Our black taps are the perfect choice, offering a compelling alternative to an unexceptional chrome finish.

While chrome has long held the coveted #1 spot at our sinks, black offers a distinctive contrast that pairs perfectly with modern interiors. Black taps, boasting finishes such as brushed black or matt black, can instantly create a bold design statement in any kitchen.

At Ripple, we prioritise convenience. That’s why we offer free standard delivery on all orders, with next-day delivery available for those who need their tap urgently. Plus, our real-time stock updates ensure you can find the perfect in-stock tap within your price range at any time of day.

Stand out from the crowd and enjoy the unbeatable good looks of a black tap by browsing our complete range from the comfort of your front room.

Free, ultra-fast delivery on dozens of taps.

Kitchen taps designed in the UK.

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No, black taps are not difficult to clean at all. Whether they have a brushed black or matt finish, these taps excel at concealing water spots and fingerprints, making them perfect for high-traffic kitchens. A simple wipe-down with a soft cloth and mild soapy water is usually enough to keep them sparkling. We suggest avoiding harsh cleaning products (such as bleach) as they may tarnish the finish.

The price of black taps can vary based on design and brand. However, at Ripple, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of black taps to cater to every budget, ensuring you can create a stylish monochrome look without breaking the bank. Use the handy product filter to find taps that fit your price range.

Absolutely! Black kitchen taps can add an unexpected twist to your space. They offer a striking alternative to the ubiquitous chrome tap and pair wonderfully with a variety of kitchen styles.

Black sinks offer great versatility when it comes to tap colour. A black tap can create a sleek, coordinated look, while a contrasting chrome tap can add a touch of modern glamour.

The size of your kitchen tap will depend on your sink’s dimensions and the number of tap holes it has. Be sure to measure your sink and check the specifications of our taps before making your selection. If you need help, get in touch with our team who will be happy to offer no-obligation advice.

While it’s possible to fit a kitchen tap yourself, we recommend hiring a professional plumber to ensure a secure installation. This can prevent potential leaks and give you peace of mind that your new tap is fitted correctly.

If you’re comfortable with DIY tasks and have the necessary tools, you can replace a kitchen tap yourself. However, if you’re unsure, it’s always best to enlist the help of a professional to avoid any mishaps.

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